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Inner Asia Rugs

Inner Asia Rugs

Tibet has captured the imagination of the west as the pristinely pure, isolated other worldly Shangri-la. Many do not realize how receptive to new ideas Tibet’s nomadic culture has been throughout its history. Whether it is Buddhism from India or textile designs from China. Tibetans always take on new ideas and turn them into something refreshing with great flair and finesse. It is through centuries of melding and mixing that such a rich amalgam of Tibetan culture is formed. This dynamic process of synthesis is at the heart of Tibetan aesthetic tradition. InnerAsia is recognized as the custodian of Tibet’s rug weaving heritage as it has been instrumental in revitalization of this illustrious heritage. Gangchen Carpets are handcrafted today in Tibet with the same standards of excellence of the past that met the demands of the Tibetan aristocracy. In addition to producing the only authentic Tibetan Rugs in the international market. InnerAsia is equally proud to continue the tradition of innovation with our contemporary collection. Which has been widely acclaimed in the United States and abroad. The editorial of Architectural Digest referred to our contemporary designs as “. . . the modern masterpieces. . .”

All of the Inner Asia rugs are available to be customized to your personal liking. Come in to our location to see our expansive rug collection. Prices and availability are available upon request.

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