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“Tibetan’s call their homeland “Gangchen” – Land of snows. Gangchen carpets are so named because they carry the distinction of being the true representation of Tibetan rug weaving heritage which dates back to the 11th century. This proud heritage is an integral part of the Tibetan culture. The full appreciation of the Gangchen carpets of Tibet can best be understood in the context of Tibetan Culture, geography, and people. Every aspect of Gangchen carpet is Tibetan, beginning with the use of pure Tibetan Northern Highland wool, the uncompromised traditional method of hand-carding and hand spinning of yarn, and weaving by the skilled craftsmen in the renowned Tibetan rug weaving centers of Gyangze, Shigatse, Nethong, and Lhasa. Designs and symbolism in the Gangchen Carpets and brilliant execution of the colors are all a distinct part of this proud heritage.”

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